photoLab® S6 Filter Photometer

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The WTW photoLab® S6 Filter Photometer with reference beam optics has 6 wavelengths for quick tests with 16 round cells. Place cell, read result, done!
Includes approximately 100 programs via barcode recognition.

Product Features
  • For routine analysis with 6-wavelength beam optics.
  • Barcode recognition for 16 mm round cells 
  • AQA/IQC multi-level 
  • Easy to operate and maintenance-free 

The WTW photoLab® S6 is mainly used in water analysis, galvanics and food and beverage industries. It is particularly suitable for: 

  • occasional measurements of standard parameters 
  • series examinations with very big test throughput at highest speeds

The optional WTW photoLab® S6-A with recheargable batteries is also available for onsite measurements. 

2 versions:

  • WTW photoLab® S6 (SKU: 250013D)
  • WTW photoLab® S6-A rechargeable battery version (SKU: 250022D)


photoLab® S6 Filterphotometer
Applications / Application fields
Routine measurements in waste and drinking water, field use optional
340, 445, 525, 550, 605, 690 nm
Filter/reference beam
Custom methods
Round 16 mm

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