MA-X View 600 in HYPACK

MA-X View 600 in HYPACK

HYPACK is excited to announce its support for Klein’s revolutionary new nadir gap-filling sonar. Our software now works with the Klein MA-X VIEW 600 side scan sonar, which augments its side scan sonar with a forward-looking center channel sonar that provides vastly improved nadir coverage. The Klein MA-X VIEW 600 side scan sonar delivers unprecedented focused 600kHz imagery at an optimum range of 50 meters per side, with the capability of reaching 120 meters per side. 

HYPACK will be fully integrated with the MA-X View 600, which will give users the ability to perform real-time and post-processed center channel targeting. 

This new integration better helps hydrographers and surveyors maximize survey efficiency by reducing survey times and improving coverage. Because the nadir receives significantly improved coverage with the gap-filler sonar, you won’t need to overlap your survey lines to get nadir coverage. 

This integration will be available with the HYPACK Q2 software release in mid-July 2022. This update will be available to any user with an active maintenance plan. Watch for our announcement email and social media posts to download this update! 

To learn more and visit Kleins website, CLICK HERE!