Big Picture Advice

For Simple And Complex Water Monitoring Projects

Sometimes you need more than a single instrument to get the job done. Maybe you need water quality data to supplement your flow results. And, maybe you need a sturdy data logger to pull it all together. No matter your monitoring needs - from shallow streams to the deepest blue ocean - SonTek, along with other products within the Xylem family, have the right suite of solutions to fit even the most challenging of situations.

Stormwater Monitoring Solutions

Your water monitoring system doesn't have to be a headache for your organization. Our complete, real-time stormwater monitoring soutions offer early warning and the critical data needed before, during, and after episodic storm and flood...

Surface & Groundwater

Surface water can be affected by land use, agricultural practices, pollution and climate change. As you already know, monitoring and treatment of surface water requires significant investments in time and money. These investments and public health may be jeopardized if surface water changes during extreme events or contamination. SonTek and other Xylem instruments work to provide a continuous and comprehensive record of water quantity and quality. Our instruments provide the reliable data you need to act quickly, work efficiently and reduce costs.

Ocean & Coastal

Sometimes all you need is a little insight into waves, tides, and currents. However, other projects require sophisticated, complex and long-term ocean monitoring solutions involving a multi-faceted approach to data collection.

Whether in shallow coastal environments, or deep blue ocean, Xylem provides solutions for environmental research used in oceanographic, hydrographic and climate research markets. Aanderaa, SonTek, and YSI deliver the most technologically advanced self-contained and integrated remote underwater observation systems, environmental monitoring buoys, telemetry, water quality and velocity sensors in the world.

Irrigation Canals & Turnouts

The demand for monitoring flow in open channels has evolved. Climate change and water scarcity issues have increased the demand to quantify increasingly smaller flows. In the past, the irrigation community has applied a variety of technologies that might have been "close enough". But today, smart water management authorities know that collecting precise data means saving time, money and our worlds most previous resource - water.

The award-winning SonTek-IQ is an intelligent acoustic Doppler instrument specifically designed for measuring flow in open channels. The innovative five-beam design incorporates a vertical beam and four velocity profiling beams, which work in tandem providing data that important water management decisions are based upon.

Bathymetric Surveying

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Now, both the CastAway-CTD and SonTek

Ports & Harbor Monitoring

Xylem offers a host of options to fit an important need to effectively monitor traffic conditions into ports and sailing fairways. Accurate meteorological measurements and reliable environmental monitoring ensures safe navigation and...