Guide to Collecting Discharge Data with a SonTek ADCP
Whether you're a seasoned hydrologist or just starting in the field, this series is your go-to resource for mastering the art of accurate discharge data collection using SonTek ADCP technology.

Our eight-part video journey covers everything from the fundamentals of unboxing your ADCP to advanced post-processing techniques, ensuring that you become proficient in leveraging this powerful tool for hydrological insights.

Each video is designed to provide concise and practical guidance, allowing you to navigate the complexities of ADCP measurements with ease. From site selection and preparation to conducting moving boat transects and identifying moving beds, we've got you covered. Our experts walk you through essential steps, share insider tips, and guide you in post-processing your data effectively. Whether you're reviewing data on the bankside or in the office, each chapter is packed with valuable insights to maximize the accuracy and reliability of your discharge measurements.


Introduction: Guide to Collecting Discharge Data with a SonTek ADCP

Get ready for our "Collecting Discharge Data with a SonTek ADCP" series! This overview video covers unboxing to post-processing, offering practical insights on site selection, compass calibration, handling moving bed situations, and efficient data export. Join us for a journey to become a pro in accurate ADCP discharge data collection.

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