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Hot Water Systems

​Waiting for hot water is not only annoying; it’s one of the water wasting issues we face at home. Modern hot water recirculation systems provide instant hot water when the faucet is opened. Systems fed by a central heater or district hot water require efficient hot water circulators to run energy efficient.

Hot water recirculation is not only about saving water, it’s also about safety. With a recirculation system, the water in the pipework will always be above 55OC and thereby free from legionella bacteria.

Xylem offers a range of high efficiency hot water circulators in stainless steel or bronze to ensure instant delivery of hot water.

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Hot Water Circulators
Hot Water Circulators

Circulators in stainless steel or bronze for domestic hot water systems


Reliable and economical solutions for pumping and circulating clean or dirty water.