Water Supply Boosting, Regulation & Filtration

Controlling Pressure to Create the Right Taste

Water pressure fluctuation is one of the more commonly reported issues in the food and beverage industry. When you have a system in place to dispense beverages, you must be able to rely on a consistent, measurable flow for that desired ratio of water to syrup. Delivering the right amount of water to a mixing valve ensures a repeatable, consistent taste while our water pressure regulators are perfect for protecting equipment from sudden spikes in pressure.

Xylem and its Flojet brand offer beverage brands and food and beverage OEMs a full complement of water boosting and filtration solutions to keep your equipment operating optimally and to provide the taste experience customers expect. Our water boosting pumps are used to provide a specified water pressure to dispensing valves, carbonators and coffee machines, while our filtration systems return water to a clean, neutral state – which is critical to ensuring the quality of the beverage.

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