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Xylem Earns 100 on Leading Survey of LGBTQ Workplace Equality

Xylem Earns 100 on Leading Survey of LGBTQ Workplace Equality

Xylem has received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index, a U.S. benchmarking survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ workplace equality. Xylem is one of 767 U.S. businesses that earned top marks this year.
The results of the 2021 CEI showcase how U.S.-based companies are not only promoting LGBTQ-friendly workplace policies in the U.S., but also – for the 57% of CEI-rated companies with global operations – helping advance the cause of LGBTQ inclusion in workplaces around the world. Xylem’s efforts in satisfying all of the CEI’s criteria earned a 100 percent rating and designation as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.
Making Waves spoke with Claudia Toussaint, Xylem’s Chief Sustainability Officer and General Counsel, about the important recognition and about the company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion:
MW: How are diversity, equity and inclusion key to Xylem’s work?
CT: We view diversity, equity and inclusion as powerful drivers of our work to solve water. By fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas, we advance our culture of innovation and unlock new approaches, and unite our global team. We’re incredibly honored to be recognized again by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in their Corporate Equality Index. Thanks to our growing LGBT+ and Allies Network, inclusive benefits offerings, engagement with the LGBT+ community and public support for LGBT+ equality, we are enhancing our culture of diversity and inclusion and helping advance the cause of LGBTQ inclusion in workplaces around the world.
MW: Can you talk more about how diversity, equity and inclusion spur innovation?
CT: Sure. Bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures, with different perspectives, talents and experiences, sparks new ideas and different ways of seeing and solving problems. Innovation, in turn, leads to better products and services for our customers and enables Xylem to deliver proactive, efficient and sustainable solutions that protect the environment and address water scarcity, affordability and the resilience of water systems.

MW: How does diversity, equity and inclusion make companies more sustainable?
CT: Diversity in our teams helps us strengthen relationships with our customers and communities as we increasingly reflect the diversity of those we serve and are better able to understand different perspectives from stakeholders, end-users and customers. This helps us build trust, grow relationships, gain support, and understand and solve problems faster – across markets and cultures, around the world. Having a diverse workplace is also a powerful draw for attracting the next generation of leaders and top talent to Xylem careers, which allows us to innovate and solve water for generations to come.
MW: How will Xylem advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the future?
CT: We are committed to a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for everyone: where all our colleagues feel involved, respected, valued and connected, and where all are free to bring their authentic selves and ideas to work. To accomplish this objective, we aim to achieve a number of diversity and inclusion goals by 2025, including female and minority representation, pay equity across gender, race and ethnicity, and increases in supplier diversity spend.

For more on Xylem’s commitment to sustainability, visit our Sustainability Report.