5 amazing water videos

5 amazing water videos

Water is vital to every part of our lives – it can bring us health, joy and destruction, and also do some pretty cool things in space. Check out our top five picks for YouTube water videos.

Water drop in slow motion
What do you think happens when a drop of water hits the surface of a glass of water? You’ll be surprised.

2. World’s tallest water slide
Last summer the world’s tallest and fastest water slide, Verrückt, opened in Kansas City. The first drop of the slide is higher than Niagra Falls.

3. Diving to the deepest place on Earth
In 2012, film director James Cameron dove alone to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. His 3D documentary was released last year.

His entire descent in one minute:

Extra video: “I felt like I literally in the space of one day have gone to another planet”

4. Water in space
Astronaut Chris Hadfield is famous for showing how everyday tasks become fascinating in space. Here he is wringing out a wet washcloth.

5. Preventing floods in London
The Thames Barrier is often listed as the eighth wonder of the modern world. Watch how its ingenious engineering saves London from flooding.

by Simon