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Sontek Receives Patent for RiverSurveyor Technology


SonTek is proud to announce the award patent number 8,125,849 for its exclusive 9-beam multi-frequency acoustic Doppler RiverSuveyor system.

The RiverSurveyor is a scientific device used to measure volumetric discharge (flow) through a channelized cross-section, such as river, stream or canal. This instrument and corresponding mathematical method improves flow data accuracy and permits sampling in dynamic depth condition with a single system – a feat that previously required numerous instruments.

"Since the RiverSurveyor's initial release in 2009, the technology has become the new standard in our industry" said Daryl Slocum, Director of R&D at SonTek, a brand of Xylem Inc. "Now users have an echosounder, a shallow-depth velocity profiler, and a deep-depth velocity profiler in a single package. And all of this is controlled by an advanced set of electronics and Doppler engine."

With this newly patented technology, scientists and researchers can collect high-definition data in shallow-to-deep water more efficiently, allowing for faster response times during instances of floods or other water related natural disasters. Data collected with the RiverSurveyor is also used by public agencies better to manage water resources and plan for the needs of growing communities.