Integrated intelligence – A breakthrough in wastewater pumping

Today’s customers can have higher pump system reliability, more and smarter functions, lower operating costs and data connectivity when pumping wastewater using an intelligent pumping system. This feat can be met by integrating sophisticated power electronics and intelligent software in submersible wastewater pumping systems, resulting in unprecedented operational flexibility, cutting-edge system efficiency and increased system reliability. This will deliver substantial customer OpEx and CapEx reductions.

Intelligent pumping systems can be made to meet the requirements of all wastewater pumping applications and duty conditions as well as system requirements that change over time. Customer pain points, such as improved system reliability, reduced energy consumption, operational flexibility, reduced footprint, connectivity and a significantly lower pump system lifecycle cost can be achieved with integrated intelligent wastewater pumping systems, the ultimate solution for trouble-free pumping.

This white paper describes the revolutionary technological advances, functionality, reduced asset management and the total reduction in operational lifecycle costs. The results will show the significant benefits that owners and operators of wastewater pumping systems will experience and appreciate.

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