Dynamic System Adjustment by HYDROVAR® Retrofit



Jena, Germany

Application: Municipal water supply

The most distinctive building of Jena and the highest business building in Thuringia/Germany, the former Uni tower, with a height of 159 m, was completely renovated and rebuilt 30 years after its construction.

The complete building technology has been updated. Two years later, the additional extension of the tower by a modern shopping and service center required the adjustment of the new air conditioning system to the changed conditions. Besides others, fixed speed circulator pumps have to be replaced by variable speed pumps and also, connection to the BUS system of the building’s control and communication system has to be realised.

This had to be done with lean space and a fixed budget. The executive Consultants decided to retrofit the pumps on hand with the HYDROVAR® speed controller of LOWARA, an enterprise of Xylem Corporation. Retrofitting of 7 pumps with motor power from 3 to 7.5 kW was done by a Thuringian company, who was authorized to adjust the complete control and communication system.

Using the HYDROVAR® speed controller mounted to the existing motors, the single and twin pumps on hand with their motors could be used further on. Now, depending on the requirements, the pumps control acc. to temperature or pressure, change in between at double-pump operation or complement one another at higher performance need and communicate the working conditions with the control system. So, the existing pumps were brought to state-of the-art at low-cost and easy installation.