City Validates Innovative Reuse Treatment Options Without RO


Hollywood, Florida's 55.5 MGD Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWWTP) treats wastewater from Hollywood and six neighboring municipalities in the southern region of Broward County. Florida's outfall rule requires the city to begin a process to largely eliminate the use of its ocean outfall and implement 20.4 MGD of additional reuse on an annual basis.

In 2014, the city and its engineering consultant, Hazen and Sawyer, conducted a comprehensive pilot study to determine and demonstrate advanced treatment technologies that were likely to be the most cost effective while providing reduced carbon emissions compared to the county’s typical treatment requirement of microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection and advanced oxidation (MF/RO/UV-AO). The study also established basic process performance criteria for full-scale planning and design. For the study, Hazen and Sawyer selected a MiPRO-AOP pilot container from Wedeco, a XYLEM company, which allowed for testing every type of advanced oxidation process (AOP) and to simulate full-scale performance.

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