Fire Protection - Pumps & Systems for Mining

Mine fire protection tailored to your site with Xylem solutions
Above ground or below, fire is one of the greatest dangers to mine workers and operations; consequences can rapidly turn catastrophic. Xylem fire suppression systems build on our experience, engineering insight and complete product portfolio to bring you maximum mine fire protection.

Ensure access to water for fire suppression.
Our pump systems give you the confidence that water will always be available at the correct pressure and volume, no matter how far from the source.

Build fire protection solutions with certified components.
Xylem permanent fire pump systems include components certified by one or more of the following: Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC); and Factory Mutual (FM). Fire pump packages are certified by ETL (Intertek).

Simplify with turnkey systems.
Xylem designs and custom-builds a wide range of UL/FM-listed fire pump products and turnkey systems for the mining industry, including prefabricated skid and house packages to meet all fire suppression needs.

Supplement with temporary fire systems.
Use Xylem rental fire protection solutions when permanent fire pumps are out of service for repairs and maintenance. Our high lift automatic self-priming pumps are ideal for this application; these high-head and jetting pumps with solids-handling capabilities can accommodate flows up to 5,300 gpm and head from 320 – 630 feet.

Above all, maximize protection.
Safety is paramount in all industries, but mines have special considerations. Know that Xylem takes mine fire protection seriously and is ready to help you minimize risk.

Products Brands

A broad line of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in dewatering applications.