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Food and Beverage - Integrated Water and Wastewater Management Solutions

Consistent & sustainable water management for all your food & beverage plant requirements

Water is a critical input into every food & beverage plant, not only to get the safest quality product but also for the secondary processes such as cooling, utensil and environmental washing plus for the CIP (Clean-in-place) systems. Optimising water & energy use and ensuring its of the highest quality consistently throughout the cycle from intake to discharge is crucial both to reduce costs as well as running a safe and sustainable operation.

Our technologies span the entire water cycle for food & beverage operations across a wide range of applications, including everything from water intake, process, cleaning and disinfection to wastewater treatment and reuse. At Xylem, our solutions are designed to give optimum quality and lower your Total Cost of Ownership, guaranteeing to do this with the best ROI to meet key KPIs across all departments.


Quality. Sustainability. Consistency, Profitability. These are the main challenges facing food & beverage manufacturers today.


We at Xylem, are the water and wastewater experts. We look at the entire water cycle within your food & beverage plant so you can focus on doing what you do best - making world class products and leaving the water and wastewater management to us. We have a proven track record across a wide variety of food & beverage areas and applications in your plant: Clean Water, Hygienic Processing and Wastewater Treatment.


Milk and cheese production, the required quality of process water and the accompanying Clean-In-Place (CIP) process produces a harsh effluent with varying pH, making the wastewater pumping and treatment process cumbersome.

Our reliable, energy-efficient mixers, aeration systems and wastewater pumps are long lasting and can significantly reduce your water usage and energy costs whilst maximising cleaning performance to ensure minimal plant downtime but at the same time staying consistently within all the required technical specifications.

Featured products: Rotary Lobe Pumps, Stainless Steel Wastewater Pumps, Energy Efficient Wastewater Aeration, Analytics & Instrumentation

Breweries & Distilleries

Breweries consume high volumes of water and require it to be of specific quality to be used in the brewing and filling processes. In addition, most modern breweries have high sustainability targets for both water and energy use including recycling on CIP systems. Environmental targets are increasingly important for process quality and brand growth.

Our chemical free cleaning and disinfection technologies can help you get the water quality you need assisting in reusing CIP & wastewater by integrating with your present system and analysing real-time models to maximise performance and identifying opportunities.

Featured products: Stainless Steel Multistage Pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps, UV and Ozone Disinfection, Treatment Plant Optimization, Analytics & Instrumentation

Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Pumps used for cleaning products within this area are susceptible to wear from sand, soil and impurities that are an inevitable part of the produce. With high seasonal time pressures, a broken pump can cause huge downtime losses. The need for high quality process water in final product rinsing is key and UV or Ozone technologies are a growing advantage to ensure consistent final product quality.

Our Xylem patented hard iron impellers are proven to be the toughest. UV and ozone technologies can help ensure speedy and reliable final product quality.

Featured products: Flygt Wear Resistant Hard Iron Impeller Pumps, UV and Ozone Disinfection, Booster Sets

Meat, Poultry & Fish Processing

Xylem recognise that meeting regulatory compliance with wastewater from meat and poultry is tough. It requires both the right pumping and treatment equipment to ensure a speedy uptake out of the slaughter and processing halls effectively into the external effluent plants.

Our tough wastewater pumping equipment ensures that your treatment plant is not affected by unnecessary downtime. Moreover, our cleaning and disinfection technologies ensure that the water you discharge is safe, secure and compliant with legal regulations by removing all possible microorganisms from the wastewater.

Featured products: Flygt Concertor Smart Wastewater Pumps, UV and Ozone Disinfection, Analytics & Instrumentation

Soft Drinks, Juices & Other Beverages

Whether you are a large multi-national with steep water and energy environmental targets or a small scale producer where savings are important for business sustainability, there is significant opportunity to reduce and recycle water use as well as improve energy use within the water management system, which are often overlooked.

Our UV and Ozone disinfection can be used to treat incoming water, can replace chemicals in CIP process for intermediary reuse, and help reduce energy and water use for cleaning and disinfection during process, manufacturing and bottling. Ability to manage and minimise wastewater treatment and improve management KPIs.

Featured products: Stainless Steel Multistage Pumps, UV and Ozone Disinfection, Energy Efficient Wastewater Aeration

Other Food Processing & Manufacturers

Manufacturing facilities of foods such as fermented goods, sauces, confectioneries, jams, salad dressings, etc. are seeing new dynamics with production moving to longer runs to ensure better plant efficiencies and increased profit while adhering to strict technical requirements. This applies pressure on delivering better quality cleaning of manufacturing lines and environments for reduced water and energy consumption inline with strict KPIs. Effluent considerations are also key to ensure local consent levels are met and maintained.

Our digital technologies can optimise your process and cleaning water, as well as manage your wastewater treatment plant. Our intelligent equipment can adapt to varying demands on the treatment plant to record, manage and optimise your environmental targets.

Featured products: Rotary Lobe Pumps, Stainless Steel Wastewater Pumps, Analytics & Instrumentation, Flygt Concertor Smart Wastewater Pumps

Oils & Other Pumpable Ingredients

Manufacturing process of foods such as oils, fats, creams, yeasts and varying other raw ingredients requires specialist pumps that are able to withstand regular CIPs or even infrequent cleaning, depending on the nature and density of the product. Stoppages caused by product build up or inadequate cleaning must be avoided to enable continuous production, whilst reducing consumption of water, energy and waste water in accordance with ever increasing targets around environmental capabilities.

Optimise your pumping system, CIPs, wastewater and treatment plants with our intelligent digital technologies, which can adapt to varying demands on the system and optimise environmental targets.

Featured products: Rotary Lobe Pumps, Energy Efficient Wastewater Aeration, Flygt Concertor Smart Wastewater Pumps

Food Service Operations and Beverage Dispensing

In food Service operations, be it bars, coffee shops or restaurants, hygiene, quality, reliability and avoiding any unforeseen downtime is key to running a successful operation and maximizing profitability.

Xylem's pumping and analytics solutions for cold and hot beverage dispensing, ice making, refrigeration, ware washing and food preparation always ensures safety and reliability in running your food service operation.

Featured products: Diaphragm Pumps, Booster Sets, Analytics & Instrumentation, Recirculation Pumps