Godwin Heidra Series Godwin Heidra 150NC

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Product Features
  • Flygt N-technology for non-clog performance, sustained high efficiency and long-term energy/fuel savings
  • Double mechanical seal design
  • Hydraulic motor circuit designed to allow automatic start and stopping without damage
  • Safe pump-end to minimize risk of electric shock or explosion
  • Simple and reliable operation

Hydraulic Submersible Pump for tough sewage and fibrous applications

The Godwin Heidra® 150NC hydraulic submersible pump is an extremely powerful, yet compact pump with flow capabilities up to 1,900 US GPM (386 m³/hr) and discharge heads to 181 ft (56 m).

The Heidra 150NC features Flygt N-technology​ with its innovative self-cleaning impeller. Godwin NC pumps deliver the highest total efficiency, lower your fuel bill and reduce unplanned maintenance costs.

Diesel or Electric Power Packs Available

Godwin Heidras come equipped with a diesel engine Power Pack for stand-alone operation, these pumps will work on any site, no matter how remote. Plus, all diesel engines meet the latest emissions regulations.

Our Heidra pumps can also be powered by electric motor Power Packs. Electric Power Packs do not need refueling, the motor requires less servicing, and they reduce the carbon footprint of any project. Available with soft starts and VFDs for variable speed control.​ 

All Power Packs are available with quiet enclosures. ​

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Emergency Floodwater Drainage
Job Site Application Emergency Floodwater Drainage
Raw Water Intake & Treatment Systems
Potable / Drinking Water Raw Water Intake & Treatment Systems
Offshore Health & Safety
Oil & Gas > Offshore Offshore Health & Safety
Potable / Drinking Water Pumping
Potable / Drinking Water Potable / Drinking Water Pumping
Sludge Pumping
Wastewater > Sludge Handling Sludge Pumping
Storm Water Management Systems
Stormwater & Flooding Storm Water Management Systems
Bypass and Backup Pumping
General Industry Bypass and Backup Pumping
Stormwater Pump Stations & Flooding Relief
Municipal Water & Wastewater Stormwater Pump Stations & Flooding Relief
Potable / Drinking Water
Municipal Water & Wastewater Potable / Drinking Water
Municipal Wastewater Pumping and Treatment
Municipal Water & Wastewater Municipal Wastewater Pumping and Treatment
Job Site Drainage
Job Site Application Job Site Drainage
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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