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SIWW 2018 - Our Solutions

July 9 – July 11, 2018
SIWW 2018 New Products Our Solutions Xylem Talks Meet Xylem
Visit us at booth B2-F20 to view our leading portfolio of smart-metering, network technologies and advanced analytics solutions for water, gas and electric utilities in line with SIWW’s underlying 5 themes: Flood/Storm Mitigation; Water Scarcity; Process, Energy & Network Optimization; Non-revenue Water; Outdoor Water Monitoring.

Flood Mitigation

We help to guarantee flood prevention with the use of our flexible and advanced storm water solutions, and right-sized dewatering and contingency plans. Ultimately, our products help to protect properties from costly flood damage.


Godwin FP150



*New Product

Certified by FM Global, Godwin FP150 Dri-PrimeTM  has passed rigorous full-scale simulation testing as well as individual component testing. Additionally, our own dewatering experts test and certify pump performance of every bareshaft pump-end we produce.The Godwin FP150Dri-PrimeTM pump offers flow rates to 520 m³/hr and has the capability of handling solids up to 75 mm in diameter. Solids handling, dry running and portability make the FP150 the perfect choice for dewatering and flood mitigation.   The FP150 is able to automatically prime to 8.5 m of suction lift. Automatic or manual starting/stopping available with mounted control panel or remote operation and telemetry using optional  Godwin FST. Extended dry-running is possible with the exclusive Godwin liquid bath mechanical seal design.

Sensus FlexNet®  Communications Network System

FlexNet® works with smart meters and sensors to securely transmit and receive customer usage data.

MJK Level and Flow Sensors

Designed in enforced housing material suitable for all water applications, MJK’s range of level measurements covers hydrostatic, ultrasonic and mechanical contacts. MJK’s complete series of flow meters and sensors accurately determines water volume, controls processes and performs various calculations to ensure efficient use of water.

Water Scarcity

We provide sustainable multi-barrier solutions that leverage on advanced analytics and process expertise to deliver cost effective and efficient solutions that are reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


MiPROTM Advanced Oxidation Process

MiPROTM Advanced Oxidation Process utilizes the most efficient oxidation method available to remove challenging contaminants for safeguarding human health and the environment.

IQ Sensor Net

The ideal digital measuring system for small, medium and large wastewater treatment systems, the IQ Sensor Net is the most flexible, digitally based online system that provides up to 20 measuring points. Its module based system allows you to "grow" your system as your continuous water quality monitoring needs changes.

Process & Energy Optimization

We can help you mitigate water quality issues with our world-class products and solutions. Our technologies provide high quality real time data to improve decision making, efficiency, compliance and uptime.


Flygt ConcertorTM


*New Product Flygt Concertor is a smart, interconnected wastewater pumping system that senses the operating conditions of its environment, adapts its performance in real time and provides feedback to pumping station operators. Its intelligent control system offers a superior level of performance, resulting in an optimal pumping performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

Flygt Top-entry Agitators

When deep tank mixing is essential for wastewater treatment processes, Flygt top-entry agitators deliver outstanding cost-effective performance for applications that involve all types of fluids, including high DS fibrous sludge.

Leopold Filterworx® Performance Filters

Filterworx® combines multiple components — dual parallel lateral underdrains, integral media support (IMS) caps, flume design, engineered media, backwash water troughs, and system controls — into a robust and effective gravity media filtration (GMF) system that best meets various application and permit needs.

Sanitaire ICEAS

A continuous flow biological treatment system that provides multiple advantages over conventional activated sludge (CAS) system and other types of sequencing batch reactor (SBR). Biological and physical processes, namely, aeration, clarification, mixing and decanting are carried out in a single treatment tank.

Non-revenue Water

Our advanced analytics will assist you with water network management, non-revenue water reduction, asset optimization, and capital allocation decision making. Most importantly, we can help you identify and reduce apparent losses and provide pressure control for real loss reduction.


Pure Technologies Sahara®

Sahara® offers a cost-effective option for precise leak and gas pockets location in pressurized pipelines, while providing utilities with the option of live video footage and pipeline mapping. With this actionable data, utilities can confidently make decisions relating to water loss and condition assessment of their network.

Pure Technologies SmartBall®

A key solution in reducing non-revenue water loss by detecting leaks on large diameter mains, the SmartBall® helps utilities locate and repair leaks before they surface.

Sensus ally® Water Meters

Setting a new standard in water distribution system management, the Sensus ally® water meter features an integrated, three-state remote service valve for remote shut off, turn on and reduced flow, and features pressure and temperature sensors and alarms.

Sensus FlexNet® Communications Network System

FlexNet® works with smart meters and sensors to securely transmit and receive customer usage data.

Sensus iPERL Water Meters

Designed to capture both lost water and lost revenue, the iPERL comes equipped with smart alarms to allow quick resolving of issues in the field.

Sensus MeiStream® Plus Water Meter

An industrial meter for the measurement of high and low flow rates, for billing of cold potable water and leakage control, MeiStream®Plus has a high overload capability and no straight inlet length requirements.

Sensus OMNITM Water Meters

Record unprecedented low flows and expanded max flow rates through a single chamber. OMNITM uses patented floating ball technology (FBT) which gives you unmatched accuracy, capturing unprecedented flow levels.

Sensus Permalog Monitoring Sensors

With the Permalog Monitoring Sensors, distribution lines can be monitored and leaks can be localized. Using sound waves to detect flow, these sensors activate overnight, listening to the distribution system when ambient noise is at its lowest.

Sensus® Smart Gateway Sensor Interface

With a battery-powered Sensus® Smart Gateway Sensor Interface, gas and water utilities can connect to a variety of applications across various locations, even in areas where no power or land-based communications are available.

Visenti LeakViewTM

The LeakView™ system comprises multiple pipe leakage indicators such as high-rate pressure sensors, hydrophones and flow meters installed at optimal locations — offering minute-by-minute data analytics for anomaly detection.

Visenti SurgeViewTM

SurgeView™ is a service based solution that integrates Visenti’s multi-frequency pressure monitoring sensors to detect sources of damaging pressure transients throughout a pipe network. Visenti sensors can be easily deployed either permanently or on an ad-hoc basis.

Visenti ViewTM 

Visenti’s View™ platform provides a wide range of real-time analytical capabilities to monitor, detect and notify any anomalies related to pressure variations, night flow, water quality issues, demand fluctuations and consumer-level Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) tracking for revenue protection.

Outdoor Water Monitoring

With our smart watershed monitoring and sampling solutions, you will have data whenever and however you need it, whether through real time, unattended monitoring or spot sampling.