Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 Marine Toilet Q&A with Global Product Manager, Matt Edmond

Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 Marine Toilet Q&A with Global Product Manager, Matt Edmond

Today, marine toilets come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and in manual, electric or vacuum options, so mariners have more flexibility when it comes to designing a system that works for their boat and budget. While onboard facilities are more common than ever before, standards can fluctuate significantly from boat to boat – particularly as space comes at a premium.

Xylem recently launched the innovative Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 – a revolutionary electric marine toilet that brings enhanced levels of comfort and convenience to life on the water. Designed for recreational craft but built to withstand heavy-duty use, the Quiet Flush E2 marine toilet has set a new standard for marine waste solutions.

Here, Matt Edmond, Global Product Manager at Xylem discusses the inspiration behind the latest innovation from Jabsco, and why the solution is set to transform the global leisure marine industry. 

Can you tell us about the Jabsco Quiet Flush E2?

We’re incredibly proud of the Quiet Flush E2. We designed it with comfort and flexibility in mind, with the aim of solving some of the biggest challenges facing boat owners when it comes to onboard waste solutions. 

The Quiet Flush E2 comes with all the functionality needed to make life on board as comfortable as possible, offering easy to install, easy to service and easy to operate capabilities. It really is a breakthrough solution for the leisure marine market and won an IBEX Innovation Award for mechanical systems at the international IBEX Show 2021.

When we initially took beta products to market, feedback on the design was fantastic! Engineers loved the idea of a quick-release pump, particularly those involved in boat rental which is by far the most common area of the market for issues such as clogging to occur.

What was the inspiration behind the product – was there a gap in the market?

The marine toilet market has really expanded over the last few years. There is a high expectation from users when it comes to the performance of onboard systems, particularly as charter boating has become more popular. A toilet that will not clog and offers ‘home away from home’ comforts is something that’s high on everyone’s wish list.

Through normal use, marine toilets will inevitably become blocked, with items such as wet wipes and sanitary products. In designing the Quiet Flush E2, we initially looked at ways of passing clogging items through the pump housing, however this caused further issues as it drove blockages deeper into the sanitation system, making them even more difficult to access and repair. Similarly, grinding obstructing items was not an option due to the noise and power required, and the size of the toilet.

We knew we had to approach the design from a different perspective, and ultimately make it easier for maintenance engineers and boat owners to access the pump during routine servicing and, more importantly, when something goes wrong. Luckily, we have more than 80 years of experience in serving the leisure marine market and were able to put our expertise to work to design a system that brings a new level of comfort and convenience to life on the water. 

How does the Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 compare to other electric marine toilets?

All electric marine toilets typically require disassembly to access the pump head, and some need to be completely removed from the wall to gain access to the discharge pump. Removing difficult-to-access screws and hose clips while kneeling in confined spaces can be incredibly challenging, but now, with the Quiet Flush E2, it’s completely unnecessary – and that’s a real game changer. 

What makes the Quiet Flush E2 different from other electric marine toilets is the unique system that provides fast, tool-free access to the discharge pump and hose. The C-Clip design easily releases the pump assembly from the toilet base for fast servicing, while the discharge port has a quick-release clip to easily remove the hose and non-return valve. We really wanted the discharge port placed in such a way that the user could flip the pump 180 degrees to allow for multiple discharge options, something which is not possible with the existing open-back electric toilets on the market – that’s where the idea for the rotating base came from.

Another key feature is the multi-function touch sensor control panel that offers sustainable water saving flush options. Users can choose between eco flush or normal flush, with as little as 1 quart of water used per flush when the toilet is set to eco mode. There is a ‘no spill’ option which is used to empty the bowl completely – without refilling – to ensure no water is splashing around while the boat is in motion. 

Where can boat owners purchase a Jabsco Quiet Flush E2?

The Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 is now available to boat owners worldwide at dedicated marine retailers and dealers. Visit the product page to learn more about the Quiet Flush E2.