Sensus Regional Network Interface (RNI)™ Software

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The Regional Network Interface (RNI)™ is the nerve center of the FlexNet® communication network. It is made up of hardware, software and database elements, all of which can be customized to your specific needs.

Functionally, the RNI communicates with endpoints and provides you with status updates for your utility system. It continuously gathers and processes network data, storing or sending it to customer information and billing systems. Priority alarms are delivered immediately for fast response. And on-board diagnostic tools optimize performance by monitoring and managing network health.

The RNI offers the flexibility to operate more efficiently—and on your terms. You can choose to have all hardware components installed on site or delivered as a secure, cloud-based application. Reduce service calls by remotely configuring endpoints. Streamline operations by adding plug-ins or custom software applications. Or get the most value from your FlexNet system by using data analytics applications to improve customer service and reliability.

Benefits to you

  • Operates more efficiently
  • Monitors system performance
  • Manages network security
  • Configures endpoints over the air

Benefits to customers

  • Reliable service
  • Accurate billing
  • Faster response
Product Features
  • On-site or cloud-based installation
  • Industry-standard interfaces
  • On-board system health and diagnostics
  • An EMEA version for Arqiva is available


Data Concentrator:

  • Dell PowerEdge Server
  • 1U rack mount
  • Dual 80GB hard drives
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS
  • 90-240VAC power requirements
  • +50 to +90 degree operating temperature

Utility Information Platform:

  • Dell PowerEdge Server
  • 2U rack mount
  • Six 73GB hard drives
  • Microsoft SQL Server OS
  • 90-240VAC power requirements
  • +50 to +90 degree operating temperature
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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