Flygt Large Pumping Solution

Managing large quantities of water requires a reliable and energy-efficient operation to minimize the environmental impact and reduce costs. Flygt Large Pumping System offers a complete system solution for all Flygt high capacity pumps, from pump to monitoring and installation. The system improves all aspects of pump performance such as efficiency, optimal energy consumption and product lifecycle to day-to-day operation and pump station management. It is an extended offer for Flygt high-capacity pumps solving heavy duty challenges.

  • Improved system efficiency & pump performance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved pump station management
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Prolonged pump lifecycle
  • Facilitated and safe installation and servicing

Large Pumping System includes the latest addition to the Flygt large pump family, the N 3800. The proven self-cleaning N-technology hydraulics delivers a clog-free performance and reliable pumping which results in fewer unplanned call-outs and estimated energy savings of 25%.

For a more proactive approach to pump station diagnostics, the MAS 801 pump monitoring system provides the ability to stop the pump to extend its life cycle and delivers service reminders and early warnings for maintenance, based on data and facts instead of routine or reactionary repairs. MAS 801 is about avoiding unnecessary disruptions, using the resources where they are really needed, lowering maintenance costs and saving time on installations and services, as well as keeping track of the pumps from an identity and cost point of view.

Included in the Large Pumping System is also the state-of-the-art internal cooling system option assuring an extended lifetime for the high efficiency motors and reliable pumping performance.

Flygt Large Pumping System offers an efficient method for dry installation with the horizontal dry Z-installation equipment enabling straightforward maintenance, lowering costs, and a safe working environment.

All together The Flygt Large Pumping System provides an efficient, sustainable, secure solution for critical pumping stations ensuring a peace-of-mind operation.

MAS 801
Closed Loop Cooling
Dry Pump Installation, Horizontal