Softer Drinking Water for Erfurt after realization of Mix-Water Concept


ThüWa Thüringen Wasser GmbH

Erfurt, Germany

Application: Municipal water supply

By realizing the new drinking-water concept for the city of Erfurt, Thuringia/Germany, ThüWa Thüringen Wasser GmbH ensured the supply with softer drinking water for the Erfurt inhabitants. Mixing the own, hard ground water with soft long-distance water, the hardness grade of the water could significantly be reduced. One of the heart systems of this concept are pump work und booster sets delivered by the pump specialist Lowara, Großostheim/Germany.

Within their approx. 690 m² supply area, ThüWa Thüringen Wasser GmbH supplies drinking water to approx. 230.000 inhabitants.

Until changeover to the new mix-water concept, the water supply grown historically was divided into areas supplied with ground water and long-distance water. About 70 % of the supply area were delivered by the hard, mineral-full ground water from own deep-wells, which was of top-quality, but leads to calcification at household appliances after warming over 60°C. With the mix-water concept, ThüWa GmbH wanted to provide a softer water to all customers.

Participants to the planning were the Thuringia engineer consultants Poch & Zänker, Prowa and Berg & Partner.