Servicios de Agua Drenaje de Monterrey: Reducing non-revenue water and controlling pressure

Servicios de Agua Drenaje de Monterrey

Monterrey, Nuevo-Leon, Mexico

Monterrey uses Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua to reduce leaks and average user consumption.

Project Objective

Regulate and monitor pressures, supervise flow rates, consumption, and non-revenue water (NRW) in different sectors, and bring together system information from various sources including the SADM’s SCADA. 

Project Details

Unified Network Management integrated data from macro-sectors and circuits into the SmartSCADA and displayed key operating variables on customized dashboards. Leak Detection began monitoring 300 macro-sectors and 2,500 circuits and optimizing pressure. A Real-Time What-If Scenarios pilot was also launched to provide scenario simulations, network operator training and system operation optimization.


SADM can now monitor, analyze and make decisions about its water network operations, establish/assign daytime and nighttime setpoints for Pressure Reducing Valves, and control user consumption by identifying night-time consumption anomalies that point to visible and hidden leaks. As a result, average consumption in certain macro-sectors has been reduced by 34%-37%.