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Stainless steel wide band diffusers

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Product Features
  • Ideal for tough duty applications such as grit chambers, flow equalization, channel aeration and intermittently used basins.
  • Efficient wide-band aeration achieved by 48-inch (122 cm) perimeter of air release
  • Innovative inverted air reservoir delivers uniform airflow and prevents clogging
  • Stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance and structural integrity

Reliable, industry standard diffusers

The Sanitaire stainless steel wide band diffusers are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel* and designed to last for 25+ years. They remain the industry standard and are a smart alternative to mechanical aeration.

Its inverted air reservoir stores a sufficient air volume at the center of the diffuser to ensure continuous, uniform airflow that prevents clogging. The bottom deflector limits debris from entering the diffuser, minimizing maintenance needs. Complete passivation is performed after fabrication, eliminating corrosion problems. With pulled ports and a gusseted connector design, the stainless steel header system provides longer term protection than lower cost options.

* ā€œLā€ grade steel is available if required.



General Information
Stainless steel wide band diffusers
Conventional Activated Sludge, MBR, SBR, Oxidation Ditches, Channel Aeration, Aerobic Digestors
Air on / air off operation
Shop oxygen transfer test
Performance warranties
Fixed to floor systems
Retrievable (liftable) design available
System Components
Stainless steel wide band diffusers
304 SS, 316 SS
304 SS, 316 SS
Distribution header
304 SS, 316 SS
Wide band diffuser
304 SS, 316 SS
304 SS, 316 SS
Liquid purge system
Manual or Automatic Available
Controls (optional)
OSCAR process performance optimizer
Blowers (optional)
Positive displacement or centrifugal
Diffuser Properties
Stainless steel wide band diffusers
Diffuser types (mm)
305 mm and 710mm
Diffuser types (inches)
12" and 24"
Typical operating air flow range per diffuser
10 scfm to 40 scfm (15 Nm3/h to 63 Nm3/h)
Typical standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE)
1.6 - 2.5% per m submergence (0.5-0.8% per ft submergence)
Typical standard aeration efficiency
0.7-2 kg O2 / kWh 1.1-3.5 lb O2 / hph)
Special features
Anti-clog design doesn't allow rags and other debri interfere with diffuser performance
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools