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Series e-1510 Base Mounted End Suction Pumps

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Product Features
  • True Back Pullout
  • Internally Self-Flushing Mechanical Seal
  • Computer Controlled Impeller Balancing
  • Heavy Duty, Rugged Baseplate
  • Solid-Foot Mounted Volute
  • Center Drop-Out Spacer Coupling
  • ANSI/OSHA-Compliant Coupling Guard

Bell &  Gossett has redesigned the complete line of its best-in-class 1510 pump – now called the e-1510– to provide the highest overall efficiency in the end-suction market for HVAC and plumbing applications. With the largest Efficiency Island compared to other similar pumps, the e-1510 reduces electricity consumption, improves overall system performance and lowers life cycle costs.

This new and extensive efficiency profile enables users to maintain significantly higher levels of efficiency over a much wider range of operating conditions. The Series e-1510’s dramatic improvement in efficiency is the result of cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design technology, deep hydraulic engineering expertise, and Xylem’s comprehensive knowledge of HVAC and plumbing applications. The new  Bell & Gossett Series e-1510 is available in 26 sizes and a variety of configuration options that enables customization and flexibility to fit a broad range of operating conditions.

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Performance Curves
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Documentation & Tools

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For B&G Centrifugal Pumps, Booster Pumps, Pump Accessories, and Air Separator


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e-1510 5BD (B 880.26C)
e-1510 3GB (B 880.42A)
e-1510 6G (B 880.48B)
e-1510 2.5BB (B 880.20A)
e-1510 2EB (B 880.30C)
e-1510 4EB (B 880.34D)
e-1510 6BD (B 880.28A)
e-1510 8GB (B 880.50E)
e-1510 2GB (B 880.40A)
e-1510 2.5AC (B 880.7C)
e-1510 2.5AC-es (B 880.6B)
e-1510 1.25BC (B 880.14B)
e-1510 1.25AD-es (B 880B)
e-1510 2AD (B 880.5B)
e-1510 2AD-es (B 880.4B)
e-1510 3AD (B 880.8C)
e-1510 4AD (B 880.10D)
e-1510 5A (B 880.12C)
e-1510 1.5BC (B 880.16C)
e-1510 2BD (B 880.18B)
e-1510 3EB (B 880.32B)
e-1510 3BD (B 880.22C)
e-1510 4BD (B 880.24B)
e-1510 5EB (B 880.36C)
e-1510 6E (B 880.38A)
e-1510 4GC (B 880.44C)
e-1510 5GB (B 880.46C)
e-1510 1.25AD (B 880.1C)
e-1510 1.5AD (B 880.3B)
e-1510 1.5AD-es (B 880.2B)

Technical Brochure

Serie e-1510 Bombas Centrífugas (B-313E-SP)