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iConA™ Electricity Meters

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The Better Way to Measure, Monitor and Protect

With approximately 10 million electricity meters across North America, utilities trust us to deliver innovative capabilities in a durable, intelligent meter. Our iConA™ Gen 4 residential electricity meters are designed to meet both your growing needs and your customer demands. They provide expanded measuring and monitoring capabilities to  deliver real-time, actionable information for smart grid applications.

iConA Gen 4 electricity meters deliver returns on your investment for years to come. They’re packed with better ways to measure, monitor and protect right out of the box. Plus they’re programmable. So you can choose the features you require and change them as your needs grow.

The iConA Gen 4 is designed for today—and ready for tomorrow.

Benefits to you

  • Balances supply and demand
  • Improves customer service with faster restoration of outages
  • Provides increased flexibility in rate structures
  • Lowers cost of ownership with less infrastructure
  • Reduces latency by dedicating distinct channels to specific applications
  • Prioritizes time-sensitive applications such as distribution automation, remote shut off and demand response
Product Features
  • C12.19 Table Support
  • All applicable ANSI tables supported
  • TOU Bins: 7 TOU Tiers, 8 Seasons, 24 holidays, Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)
  • Energy Registers: 4 Energies, 2 Demands
  • Demand Reset: Demand resettable on local or remote command, on daily self-read, or schedulable
  • Load Profile: 4 Channels (5,15,30,60)
  • Snapshots: Up to 15 configurable snapshots
  • Advanced High Temperature Detection
  • kVAR, kVARh, kVA and kVAh
  • Opt Out Capability
  • IPv6



Form Factors:

  • 1S
  • 2S
  • 3S
  • 4S
  • 12S
  • 25S

Complies with Industry Standards:

  • ANSI C12.20 – 2010 (Class 0.2)
  • ANSI C12.1 – 2008
  • ANSI C12.10 – 1997
  • ANSI C37.90.1 – 2002
  • FCC Part 15

For specifications about power requirements, accuracy, burden, remote disconnect, dimensions, operating environment, characteristic data and more, download the data sheet.

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