Heating & Cooling Circulators Bell & Gossett Series 100 Inline Booster Pumps

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Product Features
  • Three-piece, oil lubricated design
  • Resilient mounting provides quiet, dependable service
  • UL and CSA listings

The industry standard circulator for decades, Series 100 is still the one by which most others are judged. With well over 10 million units installed, the Series 100 remains a leader in applications such as hydronic heating and domestic hot water circulation.

Series 100′s three-piece, oil lubricated design provides for easy field service with bearings, shaft and seal all housed in an assembly which can be easily repaired or replaced. The Series 100 oil lubricated motor is specifically designed for the Series 100, and its resilient mounting provides quiet, dependable service with minimum annual lubrication. UL and CSA listings are standard.

The design of this motor, coupled with its overall hydraulic performance, allows the Series 100 to overcome system related noise caused by valves, fittings, or piping.

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

HVAC Cooling
Building Systems HVAC Cooling
HVAC Heating
Building Systems HVAC Heating
Livestock Water Supply
Livestock & Poultry Livestock Water Supply
Building Systems
Commercial Buildings Building Systems

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