A Message from Patrick Decker

The need to solve water and resource challenges has never been greater. This past year witnessed natural disasters become more common, more costly and more harmful to communities across the globe. Every day, roughly two billion people lack access to safe drinking water and nearly 40 percent of the world’s population faces water scarcity. 


These challenges remind us that water is the essence of life, our society and our economy. It's such a powerful force on this planet. But 2022 also demonstrated the power of our people – Xylem customers, communities and colleagues – coming together to help address these challenges. We are privileged to act as a convener across borders and sectors to solve water. 

In 2022, we elevated several platforms from this position of strength… 

1. We supported a movement to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) related to water. Water utilities account for approximately 2% of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the world’s shipping industry. By supporting technology adoption, including digital technologies for water utilities, we can lead and accelerate the global water community’s drive toward decarbonization to help mitigate the worst effects of climate change… And do so at affordable costs while generating favorable economic returns. 

We are also supporting the water utilities worldwide that have set net-zero and climate-neutrality targets through cross-sector thought leadership, policy advocacy and a research paper highlighting pragmatic approaches and proven technologies that can reduce water utility emissions to net-zero. 

2. We partnered with other leaders across the globe to launch the Reservoir Center for Water Solutions in Washington D.C. to address and overcome water challenges, together. In 2022, we convened local, state, national and global agencies, elected officials, municipal utilities, nonprofits and private companies to brainstorm new approaches, raise awareness and most importantly, drive action. 

Water issues impact everyone and overcoming them requires the same show of strength. Seminars on climate resiliency and policy brought U.S. water leaders together with utility leaders from across Europe and attendees of COP27 in Egypt. We tackled workforce resiliency and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through career development panels and discussions on advancing gender parity. We partnered with local environmental conservation nonprofits to drive change in various communities.

3. We are working with the next generation of water leaders to create a movement around water… and build a more sustainable and equitable world. Through our youth engagement programming, Xylem Ignite, Stockholm Junior Water Prize and our partnership with City Football Group (owners of Manchester City, New York City Football Club and other football clubs around the world), we are activating millions to carry the mantle of this critical work.  

As we share this year’s report, we’re taking action – working with our customers to solve their greatest water and climate challenges. Our recently announced agreement to combine with Evoqua, a leader in mission-critical water treatment solutions and services, will bring even greater opportunities to solve water. This combination creates a powerful platform to tackle water scarcity, affordability and resilience at scale.

Thank you for your partnership as we solve water, together. 


Patrick Decker
President and CEO