Submersible Column Pumps

In this section you'll find Flygt's offering of submersible column pumps and our conventional column pumps. All column pumps are located inside a discharge column, which is often suspended from the top structure. Submersible column pumps are seated at the bottom of the column without any fasteners or special hardware. They are quickly installed and removed for inspection and service. The traditional designs are either built as a complete unit that is installed on site, or as a pull-out type, which allows you to pull the entire rotating assembly out of the column pipe for ease of service.

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Flygt's column pumps are excellent pumps for high discharge flows and low to medium discharge heads. They are the most cost effective type of pump for the flow range they can handle. The pump consists of a propeller with a fixed blade angle or a semi-axial impeller with a trim (diameter) that meets the specified duty conditions.

Column pumps are high specific speed pumps, and as such they depend on a well-designed pump sump to deliver on their factory performance. Flygt has the knowledge, tools and experience to help you design a good wet well and a practical and functional pump station.‚Äč

Case Studies & White Papers

Cooling water for gas-fired power plant


Challenge A gas-fired power plant in southern Sweden required a supply of cooling water to be pumped through a long pipe, which is sensitive to water hammer, to heat exchangers that are sensitive to...

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Creating a white-water ride


Challenge Creating an artificial white water channel for water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting by pumping 3 m3/s (48,000 US gpm) per pump at a height of 7 m (24 ft). Solution The...

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Cost-efficient pump station


Challenge To provide a cost-efficient pump station fed by three independent inlets, resulting in a potential maximum inflow of 7.8 m3/s (123,000 US gpm) combined. Air entrainment into the pumps due...

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Propeller pump stations


Challenge A major city in Mexico has three different propeller pump stations to handle combined wastewater and stormwater pumping. For nine months of the year, the stations transport wastewater and...

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Compact stormwater pump station


Challenge Placement of a new stormwater pump station in a 10 m x 5 m (32 × 18 ft) area between two roads and a hotel in one mid-western state’s major cities. Close proximity to three rivers, snow...

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