Sensus accuMAG™ Water Meters

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accuMAG™ water meters are based on electromagnetic flow (EMF) technology and provide measurement of a wide flow range. With no moving parts, accuMAG meters maintain accuracy over their lifetime. Some key benefits include: AMR/AMI connectivity, reduced head loss and field replaceable batteries.

Benefits to you 

  • Improves operational efficiency and customer service
    • Dispute resolution
    • Low pressure loss
  • Reduces non-revenue water
    • Better low flow registration than competition
    • Long-term accuracy
    • Large turndown ratio
  • Reduces maintenance cost
    • Proven and reliable design
  • Offers flexible meter installation
    • Open flow chamber
    • Installation in any position with direct burial availability
    • Short lay lengths
    • No inlet or discharge straight pipe run requirements
Product Features
  • Magnetic Flow Measurement
    • No moving parts
    • Strong and homogenous magnetic field
    • Zero point stability
    • Better flow profile than mechanical competition
    • Better signal-to-noise ratio than magnetic competition
    • Low energy consumption
    • Enhanced accuracy range and extended service life
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
    • Rilsan liner
    • Rectangular flow tube
    • Flanged design
  • Electronic Register
    • Long battery life
    • Replaceable battery
    • Display for positive/negative consumption and flow rate
    • Status indication for battery power, flow direction and empty pipe
  • Integrated two-way communication for AMR and AMI


  • Straight Pipe Requirements
    • 1-1/2” – 12” accuMAG: 0D inlet, 0D outlet
    • 14” – 24” accuMAG: 5D inlet, 2D outlet
  • Scope
    These specifications set forth the minimum acceptable design criteria and performance requirements for cold water meters (33° F – 149° F) including the following potential service applications and general considerations:

    • Intended where a moderately wide flow range is anticipated
    • Measurement of water usage for typical accountability and billing applications
    • Measurement intended for typical commercial and industrial applications, including potable and nonpotable applications
    • Measurement of constant medium to extended high flow usage

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools