Intelligent dewatering pump prevents flood at Guadalajara train station

Intelligent dewatering pump prevents flood at Guadalajara train station

When a pump station failed in Guadalajara’s Urban Electric Train System (SITEUR), operators needed a quick solution to prevent flooding. They installed Xylem’s Flygt Bibo Alpha dewatering pump, which automatically adapts to real-time conditions. The durable, plug-and-play pump has now delivered months of trouble-free operation.

The city of Guadalajara, located in the state of Jalisco in western Mexico, has an electric train system with three lines, transporting 360,000 people a day. The continuous operation of the train system is essential to the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

One of the SITEUR train system’s busiest stations is Estación de la Independencia, located underground. A nearby pumping station prevents the station from flooding due to rain or rising groundwater. In November 2021, however, the pump station failed, and a flood alert was sent out.

Faced with a flooding emergency, SITEUR operators quickly contacted Xylem specialists to find a dewatering solution. Timing was critical to avoid a flooded train station, so SITEUR needed a pump that was fast and easy to install. They selected Xylem’s Flygt Bibo Alpha dewatering pump, with plug-and-play capability that requires no configuration.

In addition to its easy installation, Flygt Bibo Alpha is the first submersible dewatering pump that automatically adapts to its environment, delivering energy savings of up to 60% compared to traditional dewatering pumps. The pump adjusts to a flow and head performance field instead of a static curve to meet the needs of any application. Flygt Bibo Alpha also minimizes snoring and dry running, which reduces wear and tear by up to 70%.

A fast and reliable dewatering pump

At the Estación de la Independencia station, two operators quickly installed the Flygt Bibo Alpha with no need for lifting cranes. The lightweight, robust pump immediately got to work, preventing the flooding of the train station by using its built-in intelligence to automatically maintain the level of the well water.

“It’s surprising that Flygt Bibo Alpha does not need a control panel, given all of its performance capabilities,” says Alan Francisco López Castillo, SITEUR Maintenance Supervisor. “Its smaller size also makes it easier to handle and install.”

The pump has now provided months of trouble-free operation for SITEUR, backed by 24/7 remote monitoring and control. Since Flygt Bibo Alpha only operates when needed, it has also helped save energy.

SITEUR was so happy with the results, it decided to purchase the pump and is looking to replace other pumps in its system with the Flygt Bibo Alpha. Given its adaptive performance, the Flygt Bibo Alpha can easily replace pumps in the 2kW to 10kW range.

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