Top 5 Reasons your Pump won't Prime

Top 5 Reasons your Pump won't Prime

We know how important it is to have your pump ready when you need it. "The pump won't prime" is a common phrase we hear when taking a service call.

Below are the top 5 reasons we run into when a pump is not priming and solutions to help you get back up and running.

  1. Suction strainer or inlet area might be clogged by debris, branches, etc. This one is an easy fix. Shut the system down and remove any debris in or near the suction strainer.
  2. Suction hose line is not air tight or is not installed properly. Shut the system down and check that the suction hose is correctly installed. If it is, check to make sure that it is not damaged, bent, or crushed.
  3. Hose from air compressor to venturi is blocked with carbon, or is damaged and needs to be replaced. Shut the system down and check the hose for any damage. Replace if necessary.
  4. Venturi Ejector Jet/Nozzle is blocked or has excessive wear. The nozzle can sometimes be cleaned, but it may need to be replaced. You can replace it easily with our Ejector Service Kit.
  5. Vertical suction elevation difference between product and eye of impeller might exceed 28 feet (at sea level) or less depending on elevation above sea level. Check your elevation level and suction lift distance to make sure you are at 28' or less if you are at sea level.

At Xylem, we have seen everything when it comes to pumps. If you are still having trouble with your Dri-Prime pump, we have 40+ locations with highly skilled and experienced Parts and Service Technicians that are always available to troubleshoot or diagnose your equipment. We offer free telephone support and have Service Technicians that can travel to your site or can repair and/or troubleshoot your pump at one of our branches.

by Christopher L. Salstrom