Standing the Test of Time

Standing the Test of Time

Our Xylem Dewatering team in Ashland, VA was recently contacted by a customer that needed repairs for their CD100M Godwin Dri-Prime pump. The intriguing part of this inquiry was that the pump was over 27 years old! Although it is not uncommon for us to see pumps that are 25+ years old that are still running, finding parts for them can be challenging.

Fortunately, we keep detailed records for all of the pumps and products that we offer for sale. Also, since we are the only pump manufacturer that rents our own pumps, we know how disappointing it can be to have to take a unit out of service due to obsolete parts. For this reason, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our performance.

Our team in VA was able to quickly identify the parts needed for the repair, and also provided an estimate for repainting the pump and engine for additional protection. See the before and after pictures of the pump in the image above. With pre-scheduled maintenance by Xylem Dewatering Technicians, this beauty will go another 27 years.

At Xylem, we can repair your pumps in the field, or at any of our over 40 US branch locations. We offer refurbishing and repainting for all equipment, and the know-how to keep it running for decades. Please contact one of our local branches if you have any needs for repairs or preventative maintenance services

by Christopher L. Salstrom