Why You Shouldn’t Trust Just Anyone to Maintain Your Godwin Pump

Everyone knows a good mechanic that can fix or maintain anything. But when it comes to your Godwin pump, even the most experienced mechanic might not know how to maintain all the systems that make your pump so good at what it does. And those blind spots can lead to serious consequences.

Here are the three risks you run when you trust your pump maintenance to someone who isn’t a factory certified Xylem Service Technician.

#1: They Might Not Look Beyond the Engine

Godwin pumps are complex, specialized machines, with every element engineered to work in perfect, harmony with each other. And while the engine is a critical part of the system, relying on an engine specialist to service the entire pump can lead to serious oversights.

There’s much about pump maintenance that goes beyond the basics of oil and filter changes. Your pump’s venturi system has to be cleaned. Clearances have to be inspected. Electrical components need to be checked and tested. If the mechanic simply takes care of the engine, you are risking pump failure and downtime.

Only a factory certified Xylem Service Technician will know to open up every compartment and inspect specific areas for wear and damage. That attention to detail can help you save time and money down the road.

#2: Pumping Takes a Different Kind of Toll on Your Equipment

Water is powerful. Just look at how it carved out the Grand Canyon. Over time, it can be a dangerous and destructive force.

Water’s immense power can take a serious toll on any pump. Godwin pumps are built to handle huge amounts of water at a various levels of suction, and that pressure can wear down specific areas such as impellers, wearplates, and seals.

Of course, pumps move more than just water. Mining applications involve transporting a lot of grit and sediment, which can cause structural damage and punctures. In sewage bypass applications, pumps have to handle the fibrous and stringy materials that come with wastewater, and you could find yourself in a nasty situation if the mechanic doesn’t notice an issue that could result in a clog. These unique conditions require specialized knowledge and training in order to keep your pump in top-notch shape.

#3: If They Aren’t Godwin Experts, They Aren’t Experts On Your Pump

We engineer, design, and manufacture every pump we sell. That means we know more than anyone about our pumps. No third-party repair mechanic can say the same.

While your go-to mechanic might be skilled and convenient, they aren’t trained in the most up-to-date maintenance processes and service needs. For example, even an all-star mechanic might not be familiar with the specific issues that arise when a pump has been inactive for a year, such as dry bearings, seals, and other items that require attention due to lack of use.

Calling your favorite mechanic might seem more convenient, but they still have to order parts from Xylem, delaying your repair. On the other hand, a Xylem service professional would likely have the part on their truck or be able to bring it to the jobsite.

Get an Expert Who Works Just as Hard as Our Pumps Do

We understand the importance of having a technician available at a moment’s notice. That’s why we have 50+ field offices across the country, and we can reach most worksites in a matter of hours, 24/7/365.

Learn more about our maintenance services, including the peace of mind that comes with our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, by downloading our service and parts brochure.