Get Ready for Spring with a Preventative Maintenance Service

Get Ready for Spring with a Preventative Maintenance Service

March and April showers bring more than May flowers – they bring flooding! Now is the perfect time to make sure your equipment is serviced and ready.

At Xylem, we have Preventative Maintenance Services to keep your equipment up and running. You can get just one service to get ready for spring or set up a series throughout the year. It's easy - just make an appointment and we can service your equipment onsite or at one of our branches.

Xylem has Service Technicians and service vehicles fully equipped with all the tools, supplies, and parts required to carry out inspections and services. If a mechanical or repair issue is encountered, our skilled technicians can make repairs onsite.

It just takes a few hours, depending on pump size, and it will save you money by spotting issues that could cause big problems down the road.

Below are the descriptions of what is included in the service for our Godwin and Flygt Dewatering pumps.

For our Dri-Prime diesel Godwin pumps, each PM Service includes:

  • Check all Engine Fluid levels (excluding fuel) and replace fluids if not at factory recommended levels
  • Air, Oil, Fuel Filter Replacement (Does not include Aftertreatment filter for Tier IV engines)
  • Drain and replace oil
  • Engine and pump belt inspection/adjustment if necessary
  • Battery testing
  • Engine and control panel inspection
  • Trailer/Skid inspection
  • Volute, Impeller, discharge check
  • Venturi inspection and cleaning
  • Pump bearing bracket lubrication and greasing

For the Flygt Dewatering pumps, each PM Service includes:

  • Check electrical condition of insulation on power cable(s) and on all phases of the motor
  • Measure resistance between stator windings (in Ohms)
  • Check amperage draw on all phases of the motor (in Amps)
  • Check condition of upper and lower shaft seals (inspect condition of motor / stator housing, if applicable)
  • Check and clean volute
  • Check impeller clearances
  • Check for any unusual noise in the upper and lower bearings
  • Check for physical damage of front and rear wearplate
  • Inspect condition of oil in oil housing, and change if required

Get your pump serviced now and be sure that it will be ready later, when you need it the most. Contact your local branch to set up your appointment today!

by Christopher L. Salstrom