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Sontek Releases New “Side-Looking” Doppler Instruments

Sontek-Sl3000 and Sl1500 3G Technology


High-resolution velocity profiling data, a sleek new hydrodynamic design and more versatile application options, are just a few of the stand-out attributes of the new SonTek-SL1500 and SL3000 (3G) acoustic Doppler systems released this week by SonTek – a Xylem brand.

SonTek-SL-Systems-and-Application-Example.jpgThe SonTek-SL incorporates next-level technology and SonTek's proprietary "SmartPulseHD®" which is an intelligent algorithm that looks at water depth, profiling range, velocity and turbulence, and then acoustically adapts to those conditions using pulse-coherent, broadband and incoherent techniques. This provides the best, most precise data possible under any conditions with high-definition data down to 4 cm.

"As the need for flow monitoring grows, so will our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that provides data to those who make important decisions about the health and safety of our global communities" said Hakan Erdem, SonTek General Manager. "We're proud leaders in developing trusted, top-tier instrumentation for our customers and we will continue to do so going forward."

This is the third generation of SonTek side-looking instruments, designed to be mounted on the sides of bridges, canal walls or riverbanks. The instruments collect velocity, level and flow data that is used by researchers, hydrologists and water resource specialists for understanding just how much water is in a river, stream or canal, and how fast it is travelling. This is important in the areas of irrigation planning, community growth and sustainability, flood modelling and response, and more.