About Leopold

Leopold has long been a worldwide leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry supplying both filtration and clarification systems. Leopold both designs and supplies systems for gravity filtration, clarification, denitrification, sludge collection and backwash water recovery. Leopold solutions are ideal for algae, contaminant, and nutrient removal, desalination pretreatment, reuse, SDI, and taste and odor reduction. Since its establishment in 1924, Leopold has pioneered and acquired a number of innovative technologies aimed at improving the quality of water while reducing costs. With over 8,000 installations, customers from around the world have come to rely on Xylem’s expertise and technological leadership in water and wastewater treatment.

Since 1924 Leopold has been designing and manufacturing rapid gravity media filtration and clarification solutions for treating water and wastewater. Leopold supplies potable drinking water treatment plants with media filtration, backwash water recovery, and desalination pretreatment solutions, while supplying wastewater treatment plants with tertiary filtration and denitrification solutions. They also supply both potable and wastewater treatment plants with dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarification and sludge collection solutions.

Leopold engineers are available to help analyze, evaluate and design all aspects of a complete filtration system, including evaluating influent water qualities, determining optimal loading rates and best design configuration, selecting the best media characteristics, and designing the backwash process. Xylem’s Leopold Filterworx performance filter system comes complete with flume, underdrains, integral media support, engineered media, backwash water troughs, and system controls. The result is a cost effective, efficient, high-performance system designed to meet customer requirements. 

Xylem’s Leopold Clari-DAF is used to clarify raw water to remove contaminants such as turbidity, algae, color, iron, manganese, organics, and taste and odor compounds. It’s a highly-effective, proven technology for removing low-density particulates as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Its performance is superior to conventional clarification in providing consistent water quality, producing consistently high sludge solids, and operating at high loading rates– results that can lower customer’s total cost of operation.

Leopold also offers sludge collection solutions with the Clari-VAC floating sludge collector and the CT2 submerged sludge collector. These systems are used in final clarifiers to remove the sludge solids. For those areas where nitrogen and phosphorus removal is required, Leopold provides elimi-NITE denitrification systems which convert the filters to become biologically active so that the effluent meets the mandated nitrate and phosphorus levels.