Rule Shower Drain Features Overview

Side-by-side comparison of the Rule Shower Drain (model 98B) compared to the previous Rule Shower Drain (model 98A) and the improvements made so that it's easier to install, easier to service and easier to clean.

Rule Shower Drain Features Overview 5:02

Hey everybody, today I want to talk about the new shower drain boxes. For about 25 years we've stuck with the old design. It was a good design way back then, but now we put a lot of thought into this new design to try to help folks out, not only during installation but also during servicing and cleaning the product. So, let's check it out.

Starting with the outside, I've got the 98A here and I've got the 98B here. Let's talk about the port fittings. The old design, it was just a smooth port fitting. Nothing special about it. It was stepped. On the new design, they're all threaded and what that allows us to do is you can use some 3/4 inch, you can use 1 inch, you can use 1 1/8 inch and you can even use the elbows. Up close to the end, you'll see this little indent or this little line. That's a guide for customers to go ahead and if they want to use that port fitting with that opening, that's where they can cut. The other thing that they can do is right on the very inside, the very center, there's a drill point and that centers the drill for the customer and makes their life a little bit easier.

The other outside part, or installation feature that we want to talk about is in the package you'll find one of those, and that's just a simple mounting foot and you can see that I've installed one here. And what that does is if the customers don't want to use the standard rails that come with the shower drain box, they can mount this foot first, slide that right in and then anchor it down by either the front or any of the rails on the side. That's pretty cool. I like that a lot.

Now let's go to the inside. The old design used to have four screws on top. Which, if you've ever tried to open one of those up in the bilge, it was a pain. Top comes off and there you go. New design. Snap fit; pops right off. A lot easier for the customer. The other thing that we've done is we've put in a gasket around the outside and that keeps water from splashing out while the vessel is underway.

The strainer. To get the old strainer out, it's kind of a hassle. Again, remember, the customer's trying to do this in the bilge. You're popping out. Empty it out. For the new style, simply comes right out. You dump out the trash and the hair and the debris and slides back in.

The float switch. That was a pain. So let's check this out. To get the old one out. You have to remove these two screws. And again, remember this is in a bilge – not on somebody's desk. There comes out. The new design. You've got two tabs on either side at the very base, all you've got to do is reach in and pop it out. Nice, huh?

To remove the pump, it's not too much of a change. Two tabs under the side and it slides out. Today's pump. It's a friction fit. The whole thing comes right out. A lot easier for the customer.

And then the joker valves. The joker valve is another big thing, because what we've done is we've been able to use a much bigger joker valve on the inside here. You see, here's this joker valve. And the other one is much, much smaller. So, we've got a bigger joker valve and more flow.

The nice thing is to reassemble everything it's real quick. The check valve goes in. Pump gets snapped in. Float switch goes in. And the new lid with the Rule logo on it – go either way. Kind of wiggle the wires into place. Snaps down and you're good to go. There you go. You're all back together.

So, this is the new shower drain box that's a 98B. It'll be out in a few months if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Paul Campagna or myself; we're more than happy to talk to you about this. So yeah, I hope you have a great day. Talk to you soon. Bye bye.