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WaterLevel WA100 liquid Level Float Switch



Product Features
  • Easy installation; compact size
  • Highly reliable; long service life
  • Built in slosh shield reduces false trips
  • Use for high level or low level operation

The Global Water WA100 liquid level float switch is easy to install, fully submersible and includes 20 ft of 22 AWG, PVC jacketed 2-conductor cable.  WA100 liquid level float switches are also self-weighted so they can be suspended in a tank, stilling well or standpipe without the need to tie the float switches off.  The point at which the liquid level float switches actuate can be easily adjusted by adjusting the suspension depth as required.  The liquid level float switch has a built-in slosh shield that prevents false tripping in turbulent conditions. 

The low-cost WA100 liquid level float switch is ideally suited for sumps, dispenser pans, monitoring wells or double-wall tanks where monitoring for leaks is required.  The liquid level float switches also work great on our WA400 Level Alarms or one of our WS700 series Water Samplers. 

Another great feature of the WA100 liquid level float switch is that it can easily be changed from NC (normally closed) operation to NO (normally open) operation so that it may be used for high or low level applications.  Simply remove the bottom portion of the liquid level float switch's slosh shield and flip the float over to change the function.  The liquid level float switch's slosh shield may also be removed for use in applications where there are heavy solids in the water.