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Heat Transfer Solutions

Xylem’s Standard Xchange heat exchangers are the standard in heat transfer solutions.

For industrial markets, our heat exchangers are proven to reliably perform their mission-critical duties day-in and day-out just as they’ve been designed, engineered and built in the USA to do for over 100 years and counting.

Types of Heat Exchangers

  • Plate and frame heat exchangers
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers – pre-engineered and custom TEMA models
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Air cooled heat exchangers

How can I choose the right heat exchanger?

As industrial operations reconfigure their systems in the search for savings, choosing the right heat exchanger becomes more complex than ever. Don’t go it alone. Our experts, along with our strong network of representatives can help you solve your challenges faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

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  • Request detailed information
  • Discuss your application
  • Order replacement parts

Solve Your Challenge


Heat Transfer Innovation

Nothing is static in industrial water and fluid management, and neither are Standard Xchange heat exchangers. We drive innovation by experimenting with new materials, new designs and new applications every day, ensuring you get the optimal solution for your needs.

Every piece of equipment we make can conform to TEMA, ASME, API, ABS or MIL standards, among others, and can be tested in our labs before shipping. The same labs, in fact, where many of those sanctioning bodies set their standards in the first place.

Finally, our ASME quality and code stamping program provides industry-leading turnaround times without additional cost to you.

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We Can Solve That

Discover how our depth of application expertise and solutions-focused approach is solving heat transfer.

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Selecting the Right Heat Exchanger

Our ESP Thermal online selection program also allows you to design heat exchangers to fit your specific needs. 

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