Utility reduces CSO volume by 80%, saving $400 million in CapEx spending using “smart sewer” technology

Faced with climate variability that stressed the performance of existing infrastructure, the City of South Bend, Indiana built an operational digital twin that optimized its existing infrastructure network with artificial intelligence, creating a smart sewer system capable of predictably reacting to sudden wet weather events. Implementing Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua's SSO/CSO Prediction and Prevention applications, South Bend has gained real-time visibility into their sewer network, and has been able to:

  • Save the city $400 million in unnecessary CapEx
  • Exceed its pollution control targets (reduce CSOs by 80%)
  • Achieve a 50% reduction in E. coli concentration in the St. Joseph River
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs by $1.5 million annually


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