Ripple Effect

The water sector is at a moment of opportunity. Digital solutions have demonstrated the potential to transform water systems and address escalating challenges of accessibility, affordability, and resilience.

So, what can we learn from those reaping the benefits of digital transformation? How did they start? And how did they scale?

We spoke to global water, wastewater, and stormwater utility leaders and experts to pull back the curtain on digital transformation – charting their journey and the lessons learned in a new whitepaper.


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Moving From Ripple To Wave: 
A Digitalization Playbook

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Utility Insight:

“Going digital” is not an outcome, it is a way to solve problems. Each utility’s unique strategic goals, regulatory demands, and available data should always underpin any decision about digital investments.


Utility Insight:

Listen to your team and connect digital strategy to daily work. Empower operators to use data and digital tools in ways that make their work easier and optimize outcomes.

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Utility Insight:

Successful operators find a sustainable pace of change, delivering small wins by putting quality data to work and building thoughtfully on each success. This creates a ripple effect with efforts gaining momentum over time.

Utility Insight:

Articulate the value of digital in a way stakeholders can understand and show progress at every step of the journey. Don't wait to tell the story of what's working.

Utility insights provide a blueprint to accelerate digital adoption. Learn more about the playbook and start charting your digital journey today!

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Hear from the experts on digital transformation

Ripple Effect: Accelerating digital transformation

Michele Samuels, Global Practice Manager of Asset Performance at Xylem, shares her perspective on how utilities can leverage digital twin technology to make incremental improvements and move from ripple to wave.

Sinking or Swimming in a Data-Enabled Water Utility

Hear from IWA Expert Oliver Grievson on how utilities can ride the wave of digital technology and avoid being wiped out by too much information.

How a digital working culture can transform utility operations

Ir. Abas Abdullah, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Pengurusan Air Selangor Sendirian Berhad, breaks down the essential role of smart technologies in tackling complex challenges and transforming operations.

Ripple Effect: How utilities are using digital tech to achieve operational excellence

Xylem's Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Pine, discusses how utilities globally are delivering on the digital promise to achieve operational excellence.

Take Digital Transformation to the next level with Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua

As a single, integrated software and analytics platform – built by utilities, for utilities – Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua supports utilities in delivering water more effectively and affordably to their communities. See how. 

Embracing the digital ripple effect by focusing on culture

Tim Braun, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Xylem, reflects on the importance of putting people at the heart of every digital strategy and embracing culture to meet the digital moment.

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