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Universal digital conductiviy measurement in aqueous samples
DS conductivity measuring cells – Digital universal measurements in different samples with proven four electrode technology

  • Proven electrode technology
  • Automatic transfer of cell constant and temperature compensation
  • Wide area of application - 1 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm

4-electrode-IDS conductivity cell with graphite electrodes, epoxy shaft, cell constant 0.475 cm–1, waterproof up to 10 bar (IP 68).

TetraCon® 925: 1.5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector
TetraCon® 925-3: 3 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector
TetraCon® 925-P: plug head for AS/IDS-x cables, MPP 930 or wireless modules IDS WLM-S

SKU: 301710 - TetraCon® 925
SKU: 301711 - TetraCon® 925-3
SKU: 301716 - TetraCon® 925-P


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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