World Oceans Day 2023: Time to put our oceans first

World Oceans Day 2023: Time to put our oceans first

We live on a blue planet covered with oceans that we depend on for our way of life. But how much attention are we actually giving them? Today, on World Oceans Day, the United Nations is joining forces with decision makers, leaders and activists around the world to put the oceans first.

Tune into the United Nations’ virtual event (10 am to 1:30 pm EDT) to take part in this important day.

At Xylem, we’re proud to do our part to help make the communities that rely on our oceans healthier, cleaner and more sustainable. Here are our few examples of how we have partnered with these communities to make a difference.

Indian beach awarded Blue Flag with Xylem’s water monitoring solution

India’s Environmental Ministry recently set out to earn a Blue Flag accreditation for one beach in each of the country’s coastal states. To earn the Blue Flag, beaches must meet strict water quality and environmental standards. With Xylem’s water monitoring solution deployed at Shivrajpur Beach, India has now received the Blue Flag for this beach and seven others. Read more.

Boracay Island chooses sustainable UV disinfection for wastewater treatment

One of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Boracay Island, can now protect its beaches through an innovative solution that treats wastewater effluent without chemicals used for chlorination and dechlorination, while reducing energy and treatment costs. Read more.

Italian island solves underwater pipeline leak with Xylem

The popular tourist destination of Ischia, an island off the coast of Naples, Italy, relies on pipelines to the mainland for its drinking water. A leak in one pipeline, however, was resulting in water loss that amounted to a third of the island’s daily supply. Learn how innovative pipeline inspection tools – Sahara® and SmartBall® – helped solve the problem. Read more.