About SonTek

SonTek, advancing environmental science in over 100 countries, manufactures affordable, reliable acoustic Doppler instrumentation for water velocity measurement in oceans, rivers, lakes, canals, harbors, estuaries, and laboratories.

Our instruments use sound waves to tell you how fast water is moving, where it is moving, and even if it is not moving at all.

Our customers are scientists, engineers, hydrologists, research associates, water resource planners and anyone that needs to collect velocity (speed) data in every kind of body of water imaginable.

At the core our rich history is our people — energetic about creating innovative new products, and supporting our customers in equal measure. Our culture is collaborative and diverse, and we are passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. SonTek will continue to do the right thing by our customers, our people and our communities — delivering sound principles and good advice.

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