AWA Alternator Panels

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Product Features
  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • One or two pressure switch operation
  • Auxiliary contacts – may be used for chemical feed pumps
  • Includes: Two hand–off–auto switches, two pump run lights, alternator circuit and terminal blocks for external wiring connections.
  • Single Phase Features:
    • Two Motor contactors
    • 1/3 – 5 HP, 115/230, 230V
  • Three Phase Features:
    • NEMA rated, class 14, starters
    • Adjustable overloads – no heaters needed
    • Phase loss protection – the starter protects against single phasing
    • Expanded HP range coverage


  • Duplex alternator panel may be used to alternate two submersible or centrifugal pumps. 
    • Use one switch for a simple alternating system 
    • Use two switches when the system is required to:
      • Alternate two pumps and start the second pump in the event the first pump cannot meet the system demand.
  • Auxiliary contacts allow the operation of one or two chemical feed pumps, such as chlorine or ozone injectors.


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