ResidiaJet™-C Water Meter

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The ResidiaJet™-C is a single-jet, dry-dial meter with magnetic coupling. It is protected  against external magnetic fields in accordance with EN 14 154, but over the whole measuring range.

The housing of the ResidiaJet is made of high-grade composite material. The meter has a modular register. It is also prepared to take an electronic communication module (e.g., Radio, M-Bus). The meter size is Qn 1,5.

Product Features
  • Option: Factory-fitted with an electronic communication module
    Residia-M  M-Bus module for systems in accordance with EN 13757-3 (IEC 870/EN 1434-3)
  • Residia-P Pulse module for digital pulses (e.g., for remote counting)
  • Suitable up to 30 °C as a cold water meter
  • Suitable up to 90 °C as a hot water meter

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

Benefits to you

  • Provides optional installation position, except the overhead position
  • Has a meter head which can be aligned for the best readout position
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools