• The Farm of the Future Relies on Xylem.

    With innovative solutions, Xylem supports sustainable land-based aquaculture systems, addressing global food security and biosecurity challenges.

Supporting every facet of fish farming 

The Farm of the Future is aquaculture and, with Xylem’s water management engineers, aquaculture experts and comprehensive portfolio, this future is not only possible but a reality. At Xylem, we take an innovative approach to fish farming across every aspect of design, operation and monitoring – from water intake to precise wastewater management to monitoring and controls that keep water quality safe.

The Farm of the Future Is Here

From broodfish to market, we understand the challenges facing the aquaculture industry. Our systems ensure resilience and a healthy crop.

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Land-based RAS

In a RAS setup, 95% water recycling is key for sustainability. Balancing environmental impact with water quality is vital for fish well-being. Xylem provides water solutions for safe RAS operations prioritizing fish welfare.

Land-based flow-through systems

In land-based flow-through aquaculture systems, water flow is vital. Optimal flow rates meet species' needs and remove waste efficiently. Xylem's pumps ensure fish health and cost-effectiveness.

Cage farming

Hydraulic specialists and cage design innovators collaborate on cage designs for open water farms, tackling diseases & parasites without harmful chemicals, ensuring safe water and healthy fish. 

Well and processing boats

For live fish transport, well boats require clean wells and frequent water changes. UV disinfection enhances biosecurity by inactivating pathogens, lowering infection risks to both cargo and environment.

Processing plants and by-product handling

Hygiene is crucial in processing plants. Poor fish handling and hygiene can lead to huge losses, community harm, and damage reputation.

Ponds and net pens

Pond fish farming is cost-effective but requires fresh water and good aeration. Xylem offers solutions with pumps for water supply and air systems to ensure optimal water quality.

Advanced integrated aquaculture solutions 

Xylem’s virtual Center of Excellence has over 40 years of knowledge and experience working with land-based RAS, flow-through systems and cage farms. Our team of experts understand that nothing is more critical to the success of these applications than precise water management and monitoring to ensure crop health and resilience. That’s why we work closely alongside aquaculture operators on innovative technologies and solutions to help build the farm of the future.