S1000R single bank, balanced flow packaged steam condensers Standard Xchange S1000R – single-bank, balanced-flow packaged Steam condensers

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Product Features
  • Carbon Steel Shell Side Materials
  • Copper Tubes
  • HEI Standards and ASME Code
  • Shellside Design Max 30″Hg & 15 psig – 150 Deg. F / Tubeside Design Max 300 PSI – 150 Deg. F

Straight Tube, Fixed Tubesheet. Shell Diameters from 15″ to 60″ OD. 1, 2 and 4 pass options. 5/8″ and 3/4″ OD Bare tubes. Constructed to comply to HEI Standards and ASME Code Tubeside.

Materials: Carbon Steel and Copper Alloys. Furnished with packaged air removal and/or other associated equipment.

Applications: For condensing steam from refrigeration machines, compressors, auxiliary generator drives, pump or blower drives.

Application: Straight tube – Fixed Tubesheet Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools