WTW TetraConĀ® 325Ā Universal Conductivity Measuring Cells

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Product Features
  • Four electrode conductivity cells for universal applications 
  • Conductivity measuring cells with graphite electrodes with four electrodes for standard measurements in aqueous solutions in the field and in the lab 
  • No measuring errors due to cable, polarization effects or changes of the  electrical boundary field 
  • Highest precision and linearity 
  • Long-term stable cell constant thanks to graphite electrodes 

The WTW TetraCon® 4-electrode conductivity cells set a new standard for conductivity measurements. In comparison with conventional measuring cells with 2 electrodes, the TetraCon® 325 offers numerous technical advantages. The electrode was designed to optimize the
cell geometry providing you with the highest accuracy possible. Long-term cell constant stability is a result of high-quality abrasion-resistant graphite construction. The design also allows for a very shallow immersion depth with a virtually unbreakable robust epoxy body. Other design features mean that measurements are not affected by cable influences, polarization effects or contact with any surfaces. All TetraCon® cells come with a built-in temperature sensor to automatically compensate the output to your sample's temperature. The automatic resistance compensation feature provides you with accurate measurements even with a dirty electrode.


The TetraCon 325 Conductivity Cells are ideal for monitoring ground water, rivers, lakes, streams, swimming pools, and industrial water applications including juices, electroplating, and pharmaceutics.

Available Versions

TetraCon® 325: 1.5 m cable and waterproof plug SKU: 301960
TetraCon® 325-3: 3 m cable and waterproof plug SKU: 301970
TetraCon® 325-6: 6 m cable and waterproof plug SKU: 301971
TetraCon® 325-10: 10 m cable and waterproof plug SKU: 301972
TetraCon® 325-15: 15 m cable and waterproof plug SKU: 301973
TetraCon® 325-20: 20 m cable and waterproof plug SKU: 301974



Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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