A Holistic Approach to Water Quality Challenges

Safe coal ash management starts with Xylem’s Water Quality Monitoring and Control System.

When it comes to the safe and sustainable management of coal ash or coal combustion residuals (CCRs) – factoring in EPA regulations, cost, manpower and more – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. With 115 million people in the U.S. relying on groundwater for their drinking water, safe CCRs water treatment and disposal is vital across all industrial sectors.

Xylem’s Water Quality Monitoring and Control System is a customizable remediation/treatment solution of coal ash contact water. We took our extensive experience in coal ash remediation and expansive product portfolio that includes pumping, wastewater treatment and data monitoring capabilities to create a wholly integrated, smart solution that is EPA compliant and puts safety first.

One new integrated solution.
Many custom possibilities.

As the second-largest waste material in the U.S. just behind household garbage, tackling CCRs disposal requires holistic thinking of all possible challenges – whether it’s regulatory, operational or locational. Our Water Quality Monitoring and Control System is a highly unique product solution that can be tailored to whatever your facility's unique needs may be. What's more, with years of experience and a customer-first mentality, our Xylem team can work with you across a variety of industries and applications in addition to coal ash:

  • Mining
  • General Industry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper

Water Quality Management and Control — Managing the Second-Largest Waste Material in the U.S.

A solution to this complex issue requires holistic thinking and an expert partner with in-depth experience in coal ash remediation. Xylem works with the biggest power utilities in the U.S. and over the last 20 years has completed more than 500 successful coal ash projects. This extensive experience combined with an expansive product portfolio has enabled Xylem to develop a unique solution for the safe, sustainable remediation/treatment of coal ash contact water.


More than just a system

Xylem’s Water Quality Monitoring and Control System is available in a number of combinations, including wastewater pumps and piping, monitoring sensors and pre-treatment, and offers continuous real-time insight into effluent discharge. What’s more, the completely self-contained system features two discharge points – one for clean water and one for reject water – that can be easily converted into a mobile design with an extremely compact structure that is equal parts powerful.

System components include:

  • Godwin Dri-Prime® Pump
  • Godwin smart monitoring and controls equipment
  • MJK electromagnetic flowmeters
  • YSI IQ SensorNet probes – based on site needs (i.e. monitor for turbidity, TSS, pH, etc.)
  • Smith-Blair saddles
  • Automatic butterfly valves
  • Chemical injection metering pumps
  • Diesel generator
  • Inline static mixers
  • Piping

Shown here as a mobile design

What makes Xylem’s Water Quality Management and Control System a one-stop-shop solution?


Not all CCRs disposal treatment needs are created equal. Our system can be adapted to suit individual applications and industries, such as the addition of a solar skid to access remote treatment areas, real-time remote smart monitoring and control (M&C) devices customized for your viewing from any location or personalizing the TSS or pH alarm triggers.



Having the ability to accurately measure in real-time effluent TSS and pH levels is more than just a nice-to-have; it's a game changer. With Xylem's advanced optical sensor-based technology, resources and manpower once used to monitor pumps or treatment systems can be diverted elsewhere, improving operational efficiency, maximizing sustainability and reducing the potential for costly project delays.




Strict EPA regulations surrounding the disposal and maintenance of coal ash can be challenging to keep up with. We work closely with you to design a fully integrated solution that will help you remain complaint amidst ever-changing EPA regulations and maintain safe and sustainable coal ash treatment in the communities you serve.


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