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We've set the bar high with our first and most prominent partnership with City Football Group (CFG). With a shared common purpose and commitment to lead the way with being water responsible, we're proud to team up with Manchester City, Manchester City Women, New York City FC and Mumbai City FC.

The reach of their clubs, players and fans will help spread our crucial messages far and wide – the benefit of which will be felt throughout our long-term partnership and beyond.

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The Partnership

In 2018 we kicked off an exciting partnership with Manchester City, Manchester City Women and New York City FC. In 2021, Mumbai City FC was added to the partnership to further broaden the global reach. With shared common values towards a more sustainable world, our unique partnership helps us collectively mobilise the energy of people, technology and business to take positive action on water challenges, through the power and reach of football, at global scale. 

Our Shared Values

Offering access to different clubs around the world, our partnership will help us to create global awareness and local impact. Our work together will raise awareness of Xylem's mission to solve water, help drive a global conversation, and inspire the next generation of fans to think differently and be more conscious of water usage.

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Xylem and Manchester City, Perfect Teammates

Manchester City is our ideal partner – because of our shared commitment to making a positive difference to our local communities around the world. Over the last four years, we have been able to successfully combine Manchester City's position in the world of football with our expertise in water education, to impact a huge number of people globally.

Together with their own Cityzens Giving campaign – which Xylem has worked with delivering safe water projects in Bangalore and Cape Coast – the club is committed, as we are, to making a real difference to people’s lives.

Using the power and passion of football, we will continue to raise awareness and change behaviours around sustainable approaches. We look forward to continuing this work over the coming years.

Xylem + New York City FC

We’ve been raising awareness of water challenges and solutions with New York City FC since 2018 as our common commitment is to operate in a sustainable and innovative way, whilst enhancing the lives of people in our communities around the world. 
From WASH clinics to empowered Young Leaders and awareness campaigns, this partnership has proven to deliver a positive and meaningful impact within New York City wider community. 
Stay tuned for more exciting projects! 

Xylem + Mumbai City FC

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership, with Mumbai City FC, to further Xylem’s commitment to solving India’s mounting water and resource management challenges.

Mumbai is known for its indomitable spirit shown in the face of serious challenges over the years, including water related issues such as monsoon flooding and river pollution. And we look forward to teaming up to raise awareness and get more people involved in community initiatives there.

Leveraging Mumbai City FC’s massive fan base with Xylem’s vast experience across the water sector will allow the city to put its best foot forward, and act as a benchmark in helping to solve water globally.

Keep a lookout for forthcoming announcements of all the great work we’ll be doing with the Mumbai City FC players, staff and fans soon!